Just found a
if(value == null && value != null)
in Code that passed my review 🙈🙈🙈

Guide to software development job advertisement

Here's an extended mockup of how Trumpet (which will rename to GNOME Social once I finish up the important bits) will look. There are a few things I don't have mockups of yet.

How to write a garbage collector in Bash:

rm -rf ~/my-code/

If having a coffee in the morning doesn't wake you up, try deleting a table in a production database instead.

#pureos from #purism running on the #xperia z2 with a mainline #Linux 4.18 kernel and the #freedreno graphics driver

This guy has clearly never met a linux user.

delta.chat/en/features is an email client that looks like a #chat app.

As they say, "Delta Chat is the messenger with the largest userbase in the world"

Only available on @fdroidorg

#hopeconf #autocrypt

.@Blender's videos on #YouTube have now come back, but they are also being told by Google/YT that they HAVE to monetise them. #Blender are considering refusing, which presumably would mean the videos being taken down again:


Whatever they once stood for, #Google's aim now is exploiting their users' content for maximum profit.

If you don't want your videos to be exploited, it is important to switch to an independent alternative:



Purism’s Security and Privacy Focused Librem 5 Smartphone Makes Major Strides in Manufacturing and Development. We're on schedule.


Facebook put fake red dots to suggest you'd have new messages to rush you into agreeing to their tracking. It's time for companies to start value their users' right to privacy. That's why we ❤️ Mastodon. It has quickly become our preferred social media platform. Fighting for privacy is what we at Tutanota do every day: tutanota.com/#team

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